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Fuel Pumps

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Mannol slicone spray 200ml

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Fuel Pump 30mm

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Fuel Pump Intank

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Fuel Pump 38mm

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Fuel Pump 6mm

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Fuel Pump

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Fuel Pump Intank

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Fuel Pump-Petrol Pump

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Fuel pump for the injection system

The fuel pump ensures that there is always enough fuel in the fuel injection system. The fuel pressure is limited by the pressure regulator. The injection system allocates the fuel to the individual cylinders / injectors.
The gasoline pump is subject by the high stress wear which defects may occur.

Gasoline pumps - defects

Too little or no fuel is delivered:
The error is due to lack of engine power, dropouts, engine jerks or the engine fails, does not even start.

The cause may be a mechanical or electrical failure of the pump.
Contamination of the fuel line (filter) is also to be considered.
Remedy is only possible by checking the fuel line system, injectors and checking the fuel pump.
A fuel filter change is also recommended.
Also on the pressure regulator may be a defect.

The first signs of a faulty fuel pump can be slow start, then bucking and then normal acceleration.
Just as sudden power loss while driving, or engine jerking at full throttle.
Sounds such as howling and squealing are also the first signs of a pumping problem.

Our fuel pumps are out of the accessories but are manufactured in OEM quality.
The pumps generate up to approx. 3.6 bar and a delivery rate of approx. 85 - 115 l / h. (depending on the motorcycle model)

Gasoline pumps for carburettor systems

In the case of the motorcycle, the tank normally sits above the engine and the engine is installed under the fuel tank.
Here, the petrol takes over by gravity, the fuel supply.
Because the tank is unfavorably shaped, the last few liters remain unused without a pump, or e.g. is installed under the seat, a gasoline pump is needed.
These are mechanical pumps that are often controlled by negative pressure and electrical pumps are installed as standard.
As standard, for conversions and for retrofitting petrol engines, pumps with max. 0.3 - 0.4 bar and a flow rate of about 70 liters / hr completely sufficient.
Higher pressures should be avoided because the needle float valve of the carburetor no longer seals and the carburetor then overflows.
The pumps switch off with the appropriate backpressure.

If the pressure of the pump is higher, there are also pressure reducers that can be connected upstream of the carburettor. Only at 1 bar pressure and at 80 L / h is it wrong with carburetors even with pressure regulators.
In order to reduce the pressure to 0.3 bar, too little fuel comes to the carburettor due to the branched-off fuel quantity.

Retrofit petrol filter:

A gasoline filter filter should always be installed after the pump for pumps. In front of the pump the sieve reaches from the fuel tap. The gap dimensions of the pumps have no problem with smaller pieces of dirt and let them through. But a clogged filter in front of the pump will cause cavitation to destroy the impeller of the pump.

Our fuel pumps are modeled on the accessories and the originals. They produce a pressure of approx. 0.25 - 0.35 bar at a delivery rate of 50 - 85 l / h. (depending on the respective motorcycle model)

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