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Control Units

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Model dependent product

CDI Unit

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Model dependent product

CDI Unit

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Model dependent product

CDI Unit

55,00 € *

The CDI on the motorcycle.

CDI (Capacitor Discharging Ignition), refers to a high voltage capacitor ignition (HKZ) and is also referred to as thyristor ignition.

Simplified functional principle:
A capacitor is charged by DC voltage and suddenly discharged by means of a thyristor via the primary side of the ignition transformer. The high voltage developed on the secondary side is used to spark the spark plug.

The black boxes are taking over more and more tasks of the electronic controls (such as the control of the gasoline pump relay).
Advantages of these types is the maintenance-free system.
For mopeds, LKR and Enduro, the CDI usually has an extra excitation winding in the alternator, which provides the energy for the ignition. It often works without a battery connection.

Possible fault impact,

no spark, misfire:
Coils and pickups are OK, supply voltage is applied, no cable breakage, cabling eg side stand, clutch and gearshift contacts OK, all contacts are clean and firmly connected.
Then probably the ignition box is defective.
Further limitation only possible by replacing the box.

Our CDI's are based on the accessories and the originals.
The ignition curves and controls are the same as the originals.

Term collection:

Black box or CDI, loose contact, solder joints in the connector area broken, ignition failure only sporadically, ignition box defective, fluctuating supply voltage, mechanical vibrations, failure of ignition control, electronic ignition systems, maintenance-free, electronic control of the ignition